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Enjoy finding out about GPS units for Geocaching


There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in people

and the challenge is to find yourself a great GPS before your next geocache

choosing a gps for geocaching

Find out below about hand-held GPS units for geocaching, what they can do, and which ones are best for Geocaching

1 Welcome & Intro


Choosing a GPS for geocaching — made easy!

Hello, here you will find advice and recommendations about the best GPS units for geocaching. What's good, what's not and why.

If you are not sure what geocaching is, checkout this YouTube clip. For a full description about geocaching Wiki says it all! To get started goecaching, go to

Not all highly rated GPS units are great for geocaching.   We show you the ones that are!

2 Smartphone vs gps


Whoa! Do I even need a GPS at all? Can’t I go geocaching with just my smartphone?

Yes, you can, of course you can, but, there’s a but! Geocaching with just a smartphone is great for occasional or spontaneous geocaching. Most regular geocachers prefer not to rely on just a smartphone.


3 Features explained


The GPS features used by geocachers are explained here. Some are essential for geocaching, whilst some are nice to have!

Make a note of the features that are important to you. Then in the next section, find the GPS you most like. Ideally, with the most features that you want, which fits within your budget.


4 The best GPS Units


The best hand-held GPS units recommended for geocaching - updated for winter 2014/5